The River to River Trail Plan is a collaborative effort among State of Michigan transportation and recreation officials, trail and greenway advocacy groups, bicycle advocacy groups, county road commissions, multiple local municipalities, planning and engineering consultants, various community partners, and the public to establish a route to connect the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail with the Kent County Trail system and eventually to the Grand River Greenway Trail. This 42-mile trail route will effective connect the two largest metro areas in West Michigan with one continuous, dedicated trail.

Trails provide many benefits to the community including an improved transportation system, health and safety, access to recreational opportunities, environmental preservation and conservation, and economic vitality for communities. Trails are an important component of creative a livable community and attracting a talented workforce. 

This planning process seeks to engage the public to help determine the future alignment of this trail. In any regional effort, effective planning cannot occur in a vacuum. A truly successful trail plan must evolve from a collaborative process that engages a wide spectrum of stakeholders in open communication. We need your input to make this a truly great plan!